ÜbersetzungsService A. Voßhenrich was founded on March 1, 1971 by Anna Voßhenrich. In the beginning English, French, Spanish, and Italian translations were offered, i.e. the most important European languages at that time.

However, this offer has been extended continuously by freelancers for other languages.

The company has existed for 30 years now and thanks to our cooperation with business partners world-wide and to the use of sophisticated means of communication we can offer today translations for all languages of the world, whereby our service is of high quality at favourable prices.

Beside our interpreter and translator services we offer also English courses for managers and employees, as all companies that want to do export business must be able to communicate with their customers and/or suppliers at least in English.

Your orders are translated by first-class interpreters and translators (native speakers). The access to qualified professionals in the whole world does not take your time, as all the orders are transmitted via the Internet within a few minutes as if our translators were directly in your office.

For you and your employees this means more time and capacity for important things for which outsourcing is not possible.

We would be pleased to make a test translation of one page for you at half the list price.

It goes without saying that we have special individual offers for larger orders.

Put us to the test !